(Press Release) State Rep. Candidate John Dyce Calls on Ginter to Denounce Trump’s Immorality



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October 10, 2016


Democratic State Representative Candidate John Dyce Calls on Ginter to Denounce Trump’s Immorality


LISBON-Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has been caught on microphone declaring that due to his star status he is able to grope women. Trump used inappropriate language when describing his ability to sexually harass a married woman.

Democratic candidate for State Representative John Dyce called upon his Republican opponent Tim Ginter to denounce Trump’s lewd remarks and criticized him for praising Trump.

“Donald Trump’s remarks are unbecoming a candidate for the Presidency. As a father and a grandfather, I find these remarks are offensive,” Dyce said. “It’s troubling that as a minister Tim Ginter was quoted in the Morning Journal calling Donald Trump a man of high morality and integrity when Mike Pence was in Leetonia for a rally. What’s so praiseworthy? His infidelity? His remarks on sexual assault?”

“I call upon Tim Ginter to officially denounce these lewd comments. As a preacher and a good Christian, he cannot allow the leader of his party to say such remarks. My opponent could learn from Governor Kasich and Senator Portman who called Trump’s behavior disgusting,” Dyce continued.

Dyce was also angered by Trump’s earlier disrespect of a veteran coping with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

“As a naval veteran, I found Trump’s comments offensive. They show he is unworthy of becoming Commander-in-Chief,” Dyce said.