Latino Action Network PAC Announces Congressional Endorsements; Senator Menendez Praised as Champion of Immigrant Rights

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Latino Action Network PAC Announces Congressional Endorsements;

Senator Menendez Praised as Champion of Immigrant Rights


NEWARK: The Latino Action Network Continuing Political Committee (LAN-PAC) today released their 2018 Congressional endorsements after weeks of careful review and study. The endorsements were based in part on personal interviews and an analysis of the career and in some cases voting records of the candidates.

“We believe that we need to send a clear message to Donald Trump and elect Democrats to Congress,” said LAN President Christian Estevez. “Donald Trump has spent the last few years scapegoating Latinos and the immigrant community in general. Many of those running on the Republican side have done nothing to distance themselves from the President’s objectionable remarks and hatred.”

Estevez continued: “Trump’s hateful rhetoric, incarceration of immigrant children and demagogic appeals to build a border wall speak volumes about the GOP agenda. Anyone who stands with Trump does represent us.”

US Senate: Bob Menendez

During his career in Congress, Menendez has proven himself to be a champion of comprehensive immigration reform and a voice of reason in the US Senate. Several years ago, the Senator worked with LAN to ensure affordable housing would be part of the Superstorm Sandy recovery plan. In stark contrast, his opponent is an unethical businessman, who as a pharmaceutical executive, was responsible for a steep cost increase in badly needed medicine. Now he wants to use his wealth to buy a U.S. Senate seat, all the while lying about his close ties to Trump.

District 1: Donald Norcross:

Congressman Norcross has shown himself to be a progressive champion of labor rights while in Congress. We are especially happy to see him advocate for a $15 an hour minimum wage.

District 2: No recommendation:

District 3: No recommendation:

District 4: No recommendation:

District 5: No recommendation:

We are very disappointed with Congressman Josh Gottheimer. Despite being elected as a Democrat, he has sided with the Republican majority far too often in his short time in Congress on key issues such as immigration and health care. His Republican opponent adheres to the same anti-immigrant principles as Donald Trump.  Therefore, we cannot recommend that anyone vote for either of these candidates.

District 6: Frank Pallone

Congressman Pallone has been a champion of expanding health care which has benefited countless Hispanic and working poor families in New Jersey and across the United States during his tenure in Congress and deserves to be sent back to continue his advocacy.

District 7: Tom Malinowski:

As an immigrant himself, Tom Malinowski understands the struggles that our community often goes through. Malinowski has shown himself to be a progressive and believes in causes such as the $15 an hour minimum wage.

District 8: Albio Sires:

Albio Sires is another champion of comprehensive immigration reform. We strongly endorse his re-election.

District 9: Bill Pascrell:

Congressman Pascrell is a consistent supporter of progressive issues and has used his senior position in Congress to benefit Latino and working poor communities.

District 10: Don Payne, Jr.:

Congressman Payne has called out the lack of progress rebuilding Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria and Trump’s poor response to it. For that, and his progressive stance on the issues, he deserves to be re-elected.

District 11: Mikie Sherrill

We believe Mikie Sherrill would be a welcome change over incumbent Rodney Frelinghuysen and her opponent Jay Webber. Sherill served with distinction in the U.S. Navy and has been superb as a lawyer in tackling criminal justice issues. She will bring new energy and a bipartisan approach to Congress.

District 12: Bonnie Watson Coleman

Bonnie Watson Coleman has been a staunch supporter of issues that are important to Latinos and the working poor living in New Jersey. She has been at the forefront in the fight to ensure Dreamers are guaranteed a pathway to citizenship. Furthermore, Congresswoman Watson Coleman has expressed her strong displeasure with the Trump administration’s policies regarding separating families at the Mexican border.

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