Anti-Trump Boycott Making Progress While Cabinet Nominees Confirmed

Nordstrom’s stock price was up four percent after dumping Ivanka Trump’s brand

SAN FRANCISCO-A group known as GrabYourWallet has succeeded in pressuring Nordstrom to stop carrying Ivanka Trump’s line of goods.

Nordstrom’s decision prompted Trump to criticize the company on Twitter. His criticism had no effect on the publicly traded company’s stock price which ended the day up four percent.

Neiman Marcus,, and Bellaco also have dropped Ivanka’s brand in recent weeks. L.L. Bean, an outdoors clothing retailer also came under severe pressure due to the support of Trump from the company’s heir.

Ari Fleischer, Press Secretary for former President George W. Bush criticized Trump’s tweet saying, “This is something a father would say. It’s not the type of thing a President of the United States should say.”

GrabYourWallet is a grassroots effort begun by Shannon Coulter, a Bay Area resident. Their website contains a lengthy list of companies associated with Trump due to the actions of senior top executives either by political donations or appointments to government positions. The list includes many prominent American companies such as Disney, Coca-Cola, General Motors, and IBM.

A boycott shows the power that mass resistance can do to publicly damage their opposition through economic power. The Montgomery Bus Boycott under Martin Luther King most famously launched the modern Civil Rights movement.

The boycott’s effectiveness is a positive sign in the wake of Betsy DeVos’ confirmation as Education Secretary despite an organized opposition manifesting in a wave of protests which led the Senate Democratic Caucus to unanimously oppose her nomination. This forced Vice President Mike Pence to cast the deciding vote in the Senate in her favor after two Republicans sided with the Democrats.

While Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama was also confirmed as Attorney General, the Governor of Alabama, a Republican, quickly appointed his replacement. Sessions was the only Senator to be nominated by Trump for a Cabinet position. Thus, there will be no vacant Senate seats that would have otherwise caused gridlock.

Opposition to Trump’s Labor Secretary Andy Puzder has continued as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has called on him to withdraw his nomination declaring that “nominating Puzder to oversee the labor department is clearly having the fox guard the hen house — and a pretty sharp-toothed fox at that.”

Puzder’s confirmation hearing has already been delayed several times.

Under Puzder’s tenure as CEO of the holding company of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, employees have reported harassment and a high volume of wage theft cases. It was also recently revealed that Puzder employed an undocumented housekeeper.

Fight for $15 plans to protest outside his office in California on Monday.

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